A Jazzy Winter Bush

Lipstick Bush Correa Pulchella

This cheerful inhabitant of Australia is about the last thing you would expect to find in a monastic garden. But guess what? It is evergreen when we need it most and flowers prettily for about three months – and importantly cheers us up when sleet, snow, and howling winds are torrentially raining on our parade!

Its tiny bells are outrageously vibrant with their vanilla and Turkish delight colours. Dangling happily from their South-facing position, yellow stamens proudly displayed. We have had these plants for three years and they have survived cold and wet as well as being cut back. The only thing we have had to do is give them a helping hand by staking them.

The lipstick bushes will be in flower until March.

Jan https://janpancheri.com

Head Gardener at Westminster Abbey

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